Osama Al-Rifai

“The spark spurted out, and after the first drop of blood, we all became revolutionaries. In the eyes of the regime, we were all terrorists”. Osama Al-Rifai is a Syrian media activist. He lost his mother at the age of 8 and grew up with his father, his sisters and his brother. In 2011, at theContinue reading “Osama Al-Rifai”

Amir Al Muarri

“I want to express what I’m seeing,” said the rapper. “The people all support me.” Amir Al- Muarri, is a rapper from the northwest of Syria. Named after his hometown of Maarat al Numan, he reflects its values as a bastion of a Syrian revolution that rallied not only against dictatorship and tyranny, but extremism,Continue reading “Amir Al Muarri”

Hakam Drak al Sibai

Hakam Drak al Sibai was born on 27 July 1986 in Homs, Syria. He was his family’s only son and was extremely close to his only sister Hanadi. He was known among family and friends for being generous to a fault, going out of his way to help others. He was his grandmother’s favorite grandson,Continue reading “Hakam Drak al Sibai”

Islam Dabbas

Islam Dabbas was a peaceful Syrian activist from Daraya. Born in 1989, he was a third year architecture student from the Damascus suburbs when the revolution started. Of enthusiastic character, Islam was learning business management and Italian alongside his university studies when he joined the first batch of protests in Damascus. Islam Dabbas belonged toContinue reading “Islam Dabbas”

Aziz Al-Asmar

“Binnish is like one big open-air art gallery. There is beauty in all this chaos. And when the residents discover a new mural, they say: ‘Ah! Aziz struck again,’” Aziz Al-Asmar in L’Orient-Le Jour. Aziz Al-Asmar, from Binnish in northern Idlib uses art to resist the Syrian regime. Aziz was working at a publishing houseContinue reading “Aziz Al-Asmar”

Mazen Darwish

“There will come a day when no group, government or regime will be able to have a monopoly on the truth, hide the truth, or obscure even a single aspect of the truth, even in times of iron walls, one-sided ideologies and closed societies” Mazen Darwish. Mazen Darwish is a prominent Damascene lawyer and journalist.Continue reading “Mazen Darwish”

Yahia Hakoum

Yahia Hakoum is a Syrian activist, and currently a PhD scholar residing in France. Born in 1985, he grew up in al-Sahel, in al-Qalamoun, before heading to Damascus for his university studies in French Literature. On March 15, 2011, Yahia demonstrated in Damascus with few other people in the courtyard of the Umayyad Mosque, breakingContinue reading “Yahia Hakoum”

Razan Zeitouneh

Razan Zeitouneh, born on 29 April 1977, is a human rights defender, journalist and one of the most prominent and respected of Syria’s revolutionaries. Razan was well known in activist circles long before the Syrian revolution broke out. Following her graduation from law school in 1999, she became a lawyer in defence of political prisoners. InContinue reading “Razan Zeitouneh”

Khaled Al-Issa

Today we want to honour the revolutionary and photo journalist Khaled Al-Issa, who left us on this day four years ago, 24th June 2016. He was one of the brave youth who decided to stay in Syria and participate in the country’s struggle for freedom. Khaled was born in Kafranbel in the countryside of Idlib,Continue reading “Khaled Al-Issa”

Faten (Um Samih)

🎗️Faten🎗️, known affectionately as Um Samih (mother of Samih), is a Palestinian-Syrian from Damascus.  She holds a degree in English Literature from the University of Damascus and before the revolution was working in translation. When the revolution broke out she participated in peaceful protests and civil disobedience such as the sit-in at Tiliani hospital, Damascus,Continue reading “Faten (Um Samih)”


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