Khaled Al-Issa

Today we want to honour the revolutionary and photo journalist Khaled Al-Issa, who left us on this day four years ago, 24th June 2016. He was one of the brave youth who decided to stay in Syria and participate in the country’s struggle for freedom. Khaled was born in Kafranbel in the countryside of Idlib,Continue reading “Khaled Al-Issa”

Faten (Um Samih)

🎗️Faten🎗️, known affectionately as Um Samih (mother of Samih), is a Palestinian-Syrian from Damascus.  She holds a degree in English Literature from the University of Damascus and before the revolution was working in translation. When the revolution broke out she participated in peaceful protests and civil disobedience such as the sit-in at Tiliani hospital, Damascus,Continue reading “Faten (Um Samih)”

Amani Ballour

🎗️Amani Ballour🎗️ is a 33-years-old medical doctor. She worked in an underground field hospital known as “the Cave”, from 2013 to 2018, during the 6-year long siege imposed by Assad forces on Eastern Ghouta Damascus suburbs, where she lived along with 1.5 million plus Syrians. Ballour managed the hospital from 2016 to 2018, where she witnessedContinue reading “Amani Ballour”

Ismail Alhamed

🎗️Dr. Ismail Alhamed🎗️ is a prominent figure in the Syrian Revolution in the city of Raqqa. Born in Idlib in 1964 he studied medicine at the University of Aleppo, specializing in surgery. He is married, and a father to four daughters and a son. A long time opponent of the Syrian regime, and a member ofContinue reading “Ismail Alhamed”

Muhammad Waseem Moaz

“He loved his country, he loved his city. He had to stay close to those babies. Who would treat those babies if everybody left?” 👶🏽🎗️Muhammad Waseem Moaz🎗️ Hailing from Aleppo and named “the last pediatrician in Aleppo”, Dr. Moaz survived the destruction of his workplace clinic at al-Hullak, Aleppo moving later to provide for theContinue reading “Muhammad Waseem Moaz”

Munza al-Jundi

🎗️Muzna Aljundi🎗️, born 1984, is the manager of Women Now for Development in Idlib, a civil society organisation aiming to empower women in the northwest of Syria. An engineer specialised in the field of biotechnology, Muzna hails from Maarat Al Numan. With the onset of revolution and nearing of fighting towards Idlib, Muzna realized theContinue reading “Munza al-Jundi”

Bassel Shehadeh

“Imagine, how many times will we have a revolution in our lives? How can I leave a dream that is coming true? And what will I tell my children when they ask me about my work in it? Will I answer them  “When the revolution started, I left my country and went to take care ofContinue reading “Bassel Shehadeh”

Yassin al-Haj Saleh

🎗️Yassin al Haj Saleh🎗️, from Raqqa, is one of the leading Syrian leftist dissidents and intellectual voices of the revolution. He is known as “the conscience of the Syrian revolution”. Originally a medical student, Al Haj Saleh was arrested in 1980 for his membership in the opposition Syrian Communist Party (Political Bureau) and spent overContinue reading “Yassin al-Haj Saleh”

Yahya Shurbaji

Yahya Shurbaji was born in the city of Daraya in the Damascus countryside in 1979. He was educated at the University of Damascus at the Faculty of Science. From a young age he was active in his society. He was a member of a youth group in Daraya aimed at educating the community on variousContinue reading “Yahya Shurbaji”


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