Atef Nanoua

Atef Nanoua is the co-founder and the executive director of Mulham volunteering team, a NPO aiming at providing aid to IDP in Syria and Syrian refugees living in camps of the neighboring countries. Atef was born in the coastal city of Jableh. 

In March 2011 and with the start of the Syrian revolution, Atef participated in the peaceful demonstrations taking place across Syria, along other civilians. As the security situation deteriorated, he left Syria for Jordan where he continued his education as an architect. 

In Jordan, Atef met other people who were willing to help the newly displaced people from Syria. Together, they began to provide humanitarian aid and organize activities to cheer up children displaced by war. Gradually, their work developed to a higher level when they began to collect donations to help the increasing number of Syrians in need in Jordan. 

Seeing the difficult situation that Syrians were going through, Atef felt that he needed to step forward to help them, and the idea of forming a volunteering team emerged. What was initially a gathering of friends turned into a response team and moved to Turkey. Whenever a city or village is bombed in the North of Syria, Mulham team sends volunteers on the ground to help civilians. The areas of help provided by Mulham team include relief support, financial, medical, and psychological help.

Now, the team includes 260 active members, and is registered as a NPO in Germany, France, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden, Norway and Canada. Mulham team already gathered over 20 million dollars of donations for the people in need, began more than 220 support campaigns, has over 1800 sponsorships, and supports over 250 students.

The work that Atef and his team started is considered by many as an example of how successful Syrians can be. 

When he was asked about the reason that makes him continue his work despite hardships, Atef answered “The result that we see on the people’s faces is more than enough for us to keep helping them, despite any difficult situation that we may face.”

Find out more about their work on their website:

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