Amir Al Muarri

“I want to express what I’m seeing,” said the rapper. “The people all support me.”

Amir Al- Muarri, is a rapper from the northwest of Syria. Named after his hometown of Maarat al Numan, he reflects its values as a bastion of a Syrian revolution that rallied not only against dictatorship and tyranny, but extremism, corruption and lack of social cohesion. 

Despite only possessing basic equipment, Amir manages to produce his music in a hostile environment, always threatened by censorship from extremists, and amidst the destruction and bombings of regime forces and its Russian allies. His contribution to the revolution through art and song, is a continuation of creative work started in Idlib, by those such as Raed Fares and Aziz al- Asmar. 

Amir channels the voices and concerns of the people of Idlib through his unique medium of song. No one is safe or insulated from his searing words. His hallmark song ‘On All Fronts’ rails against everything and everyone, from educational restrictions in Idlib to political negotiations that lead nowhere.

Listen to Amir here :

And read selected parts from the lyrics of his last song, Leik ! [See !] :

We are the seeds that never die, 
The love of revolution has flourished in us,
No matter how many bullets you fire, 
and demonstrations you oppress.

We will remain a beacon of light on this path, 
Money and power won’t tempt us, 
No matter how many rallies you orchestrate.

Pull away your dogs, take back your money, 
Remove your regime, and clear out.
Our people are lions,
They will eat their rulers when hungry.

Look, you can shoot yourself with your own bullets,
I am rising from the rubble.
Make the Iranians leave this land, 
And then I dare you to challenge us.

Stop the lies, all your speeches and your delegates.
If it wasn’t for the Russians, your men wouldn’t have carried a Kalashnikov, and your Putin would have shot you with it

We are the lords of the streets, the freedom lovers,
Who won’t be deterred by artilleries, Iranian convoys,
Nor by the flocks of Tadmor turbans [ISIS and Nusra leaders], 
Who infiltrated the revolution to pervert it.

From the heart of Idlib, this is Sweida, Daraa, the rebellious [Homs]
This is Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Damascus
This is the Levant in all of its ethnicities
They are all cursing your father [Hafez Al-Assad]

Look, we will not stop before we take revenge for every martyr,
And we take back the money stolen from the poor,
The widows, the orphans, and before we free the detainees,
And bring back all children, all tents and all displaced people forced to exile.

Down with government and the one after !
Down with the republic from your palace to Baabda Palace [the residence of the Lebanese president] !
Down with impartiality and all the factions you have sent !
We are the revolutionary people,
We only get stronger when you try to deter us.
Look !

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