Youssef al-Jader (Abu Furat)

🎗️Youssef al-Jader🎗️was nicknamed Abu Furat, the father of Euphrates. He was born in 1970 in Jarablus, a town in the countryside of Aleppo. He studied at the military academy in Homs between 1990 and 1993 and graduated as a first lieutenant. He continued his services in the military corps and eventually was promoted to Colonel and was responsible for operating an armored battalion in Latakia. 🎖️

He lived in Latakia for almost 20 years. During his years of service he witnessed the corruption within both the Assad regime and the military and realized the scale of injustice that Syrian people had to deal with every day. As he once said “I stayed in Latakia for my service for almost 20 years, many people there are poor and living under harsh conditions, only the regime and the relatives of Assad and high ranking officials are benefiting from Syria’s wealth.”

In 2012 and after the beginning of the revolution, his armored battalion in Latakia was ordered to attack “Al-Hiffa” village. When Abo Furat received this order he defected from the regime forces and joined the Free Army (FSA).

He was known for reaching out across Syria’s sectarian divides. In one speech he directly addressed the regime saying: “Why did you plunge your own sect into a battle for your sake and try and make them hate Sunnis? Why? Don’t you ask how we’re going to live together in the future? Well, we’ll live together despite you. I know the Alawis are generous and good people.”

After his defection he returned to his hometown, Jarablus, and then participated in the fight against regime forces in northern Aleppo and was the main leader of the successful operation called “Trenches’ Revolutionaries” which aimed to capture the Infantry School northeast of Aleppo city in December 2012.

In the last stages of the battle, he was targeted by regime forces and martyred with his fellow comrades while fighting. His death was received with sadness by every Free Syrian was felt as a great loss for the revolution.

The last words he said in an interview during the attempt to capture the Infantry School showed his deep humanity even on the battlefield: “I’m bothered because these tanks are our tanks. The ammunition is our ammunition. Those fighters are our brothers. I swear to God, every time I see a person killed, from our side or from theirs, I feel sad. Because if that bastard had resigned, Syria would have been the best country in the world.”

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