Munza al-Jundi

🎗️Muzna Aljundi🎗️, born 1984, is the manager of Women Now for Development in Idlib, a civil society organisation aiming to empower women in the northwest of Syria. An engineer specialised in the field of biotechnology, Muzna hails from Maarat Al Numan.

With the onset of revolution and nearing of fighting towards Idlib, Muzna realized the pressing urgency for supporting the Syrian Women. As she explains, “women make up 60 to 70 per cent of the population in opposition-held areas, so “empowering women to play their roles and make use of their capabilities is very necessary for the whole community.” 🧕🏻

Women Now have continuously run educational courses to include those in literacy, languages and computer skills. Their remit has further extended into financial empowerment, and provision of courses in nursing.Alongside the organization and raising her two children, Muzna has contributed to the running and establishing of one of her hometown’s local councils. 🗳️

 With Muzna & her colleague’s oversight, Women Now has been involved in the training of over 4000 women as of 2018. The organization was heavily involved in the provision of care and support for Eastern Ghouta’s exiled population in Idlib. It has provided a safe refuge for women, the cornerstone of the Syrian community, supporting their recovery psychologically from depression, anxiety inflicted from loss and injustices.

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