Muhammad Waseem Moaz

“He loved his country, he loved his city. He had to stay close to those babies. Who would treat those babies if everybody left?” 👶🏽
🎗️Muhammad Waseem Moaz🎗️

Hailing from Aleppo and named “the last pediatrician in Aleppo”, Dr. Moaz survived the destruction of his workplace clinic at al-Hullak, Aleppo moving later to provide for the pediatric services in both al-Hakeem and al-Quds hospital. He would dedicate all of his days for months on end in this endeavor, spending morning and afternoons caring for Aleppo’s youth and his night time covering emergencies services. 🏥

With the regime’s scorched earth policy of arriving to Eastern Aleppo, Dr. Moaz steadfastly refused to leave the city despite the hell on earth it would become. He remained, leaving the safe refuge and the warm embrace of his parents in Turkey for another day.

The responsibility was monumental, the scenes harrowing,yet despite this this dreary eyed doctor shouldered humanity, care and love in this darkest of corners. He was known amongst colleagues to have  the sweetest of spirits, a constant uplifter of mood with his jokes, and bore hopes of finally getting married once his call for duty ended.

Alas, and as happens with the purest of Syrians, Dr. Moaz was martyred from a Russian airstrike on al-Quds hospital on 27th of April 2016, as he headed to the wards to start another night shift. He had moved the neonates and infants under his care days earlier to the basement of the hospital sensing what was to come Scenes of this heinous crime were broadcast worldwide through Channel 4 services. Alongside this blessed soul 28 other doctors, nurses and patients fell. This was to be the sixth strike on the hospital by Regime allied forces, and one that would finally render it out of service.

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