Ismail Alhamed

🎗️Dr. Ismail Alhamed🎗️ is a prominent figure in the Syrian Revolution in the city of Raqqa. Born in Idlib in 1964 he studied medicine at the University of Aleppo, specializing in surgery. He is married, and a father to four daughters and a son.

A long time opponent of the Syrian regime, and a member of the Damascus Declaration (a statement calling for reform issued by opponents to the regime in October 2005), Ismail Alhamed became known as the ‘Doctor of the Revolution’ in Raqqa. 👨‍⚕️

He left Syria in 2009 to work in Saudi Arabia, and once the revolution started, he returned to Syria to participate in it. In Raqqa he became known for organizing humanitarian projects and his medical work whilst the city was still under regime control. He secretly assisted injured protesters and participated with his family in protests against the regime. Once the regime was driven out of Raqqa, he stayed in the city to help and treat victims of the regime’s bombardment.

Dr. Ismail was also active in mobilising against Daesh (ISIS) which attempted to exterminate all independent groups and individuals when it took control of the city of Raqqa in 2014. Dr. Ismail participated in numerous protests which denounced the practices of the nihilist terror group. He cooperated with other activists in sit-ins protesting the abduction and enforced disappearance of revolutionaries like Feras Al Haj Saleh, Ibrahim Al Gahzi and the Italian Jesuit priest and peace activist Father Paolo Dall’Oglio who were kidnapped by Daesh.

Dr. Ismail remained in Raqqa despite repeated threats to his safety by Daesh. He refused to leave his country and become a stranger to his city. Dr. Ismail was a clear minded activist who always provided reliable and interesting analysis on the developments happening in Syria.

On 2 November 2013, Dr. Ismail was kidnapped by members of Daesh. Since then his family, who fled to France, are waiting for him and have no information about his fate.

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