Souad Nofal

Souad Nofal was born and raised in the city of Raqqa. She graduated from teacher training college and began work teaching elementary school children. When the revolution broke out Souad joined the protest movement against the regime and
attended every demonstration. Her activism resulted in her being investigated by security services and dismissed from the school where she worked.

She began working to support displaced families who were arriving in Raqqa from other areas such as Homs and Deir Al Zour due to the war. When Raqqa was liberated from the regime in 2013, Souad participated in establishing a Local Council to govern the city. She was also active with the Jana women’s organisation, which focused on humanitarian and community development and empowered women to play an active role in their society and the Syrian revolution.

When ISIS took over Raqqa it instilled a reign of terror in the city, kidnapping and executing civil activists. But Souad refused to be silenced believing that the group’s tyranny was no different to that of the regime. In the summer of 2013, every day for two months, she stood outside the ISIS headquarters in the city carrying a placard in a one-woman protest. She demanded the release of prisoners held by ISIS, denounced their practice and ideology and condemned their destruction of Christian churches.

After receiving death threats from ISIS, Souad fled to Turkey where she went on hunger strike in solidarity with those living under siege in Ghouta and Homs. She finally made her way to Europe as a refugee and in 2014 was honored for her activism by receiving the Czech Homo Homini Award for human rights.

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