Noura Ghazi Safadi

Born September 30, 1981 in Damascus, Noura is a Syrian human rights lawyer. She had an early introduction to the injustices of the Syrian regime. Her father, a prominent leftist, was a political prisoner and she visited him in prison and attended his trials in her youth.This spawned a career in defending human rights and when the Syrian revolution broke out she participated in demonstrations and other forms of activism.

Noura has also been politically active through membership within the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, following in her father’s footsteps.
During the early days of the revolution, she crossed paths with open source software developer and free speech advocate Bassel Khartabil. An immediate connection developed between them, they fell in love. They later married while Bassel was behind bars in Adra prison. They were crowned the bride and groom of the revolution.

Bassel’s later execution by the regime forces did not subdue Noura. It spurred her along a new path of resistance. She says,

“My aim now is to try to prevent any detainee in Syria having Bassel’s fate, I don’t just sit and wish. I do.”

Most recently Noura has been involved with Families for Freedom, a women-led campaign against enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention by the Syrian regime and other actors. They actively lobby for the release of all detainees, and have raised
awareness throughout Europe on the plight of the imprisoned.

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