Lina Shami

Lina Shami, the”Voice of the Siege”, was a student of architecture at the University of Aleppo who lived through the Syrian revolution in its early days. She was in her third year of university when the revolution began in 2011, and she participated in the revolutionary movement and was arrested and later released. Lina witnessed the incident of the regime’s bombing of Aleppo University with warplanes, which killed 80 people who were present at the university.

She was forced to leave the city of Aleppo after her graduation and settled in a Turkish border city, where she contributed to designing temporary houses for Syrian refugees. She later returned to the liberated area of ​​Aleppo, and served as a reporter covering the horrific human rights violations under the Assad’s siege and bombardment of the eastern part of the city.

Lina documented genocide and destruction, and initiated viral campaigns to save Aleppo by taping and posting the daily experiences of those trapped under siege and bombardment. Her work is credited with conveying a clear and poetic visual of what it means to live under the rule of the Assad regime.

Lina Al-Shami was forced to leave besieged Aleppo at the end of 2016, and from there went to Idlib and after Turkey, where she lives today. She symbolizes the strength and resilience of the Syrian people, and serves as an inspiration and example as someone with an indefinite commitment to justice.

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