Abdul Baset al-Sarout

Abdul Baset was born in Homs, Syria in 1992. His family descended from the occupied Golan and settled in the Bayyada neighborhood of Homs. Sarout was a skilled football player on the national Syrian Youth Football Team and Al Karama Football Club.

Abdul Baset al-Sarout joined the Syrian revolution with its first spark and contributed immensely by leading demonstrations and chants, and singing anthems of the revolution. Al-Sarout emerged as a star and uplifted the spirits of wounded Syria, which was suffering from the fall of many martyrs at the hands of the Assad regime. He was named “the nightingale of the revolution”, for his sweet, beautiful voice and powerful revolutionary ballads.

He continued peaceful organizing for nearly a year and a half until the injustice in Syria reached a degree that compelled people to carry arms in defense and develop their work to bring down the Assad dictatorial regime. He quickly gained rapport and recognition for his steadfast commitment to the revolution, despite threats from the Assad regime against him and fellow revolutionaries. Despite the complications and complexities of the scene, he continued guarding the revolution in his heart and with his hands like he once guarded his goal in football from his opponents.

He formed the Al-Bayada Martyrs Brigade to protect the city, and later joined the Homs Corps. Abdul Baset was trapped in Homs’ neighborhoods with his revolutionary friends, and as a result lived through difficult time under shelling and hunger. He tried to break from the siege only to be injured and to be stuck outside, away from his friends in the siege. However as Abdul Baset al-Sarout would do, he did not give up and entered the besieged area again.

The difficulties and near death experiences in the siege eventually led to his withdrawal from Homs to other areas. Despite his ability to easily withdraw from the revolution and live the rest of his life elsewhere, Abdul Baset al-Sarout once again chose to continue the revolution and to return to the city of Idlib and then the countryside of Hama to continue the struggle against the Assad regime, both civilly and militarily. He would always say, “The Assad regime will not take me alive.”

Abdul Baset never left his struggle, he remained standing by his principles in the revolution until the last day of his life. Pessimism, despair and hopelessness could not extract Abdul Baset’s love for the revolution. Only death has succeeded. Abdul Baset al-Sarout died from his wounds after a battle with Assad regime’s militias on June 8, 2019. This is one of the last things he said before he was killed,

“I cant stop thinking about the revolution, I think about it everyday, every night, when I wake up, when I am trying to sleep, you will never understand. I am the son of a revolution and the son of the people, and I have the right to defend my people.”

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