Fadwa Suleiman

Fadwa Suleiman was an actress from Syria’s Alawite community, who became a prominent voice for the Syrian Revolution

Fadwa Suleiman was an actress from Syria’s Alawite community, who became a prominent voice for the Syrian Revolution. She was born in Aleppo and grew up in Safita. Before 2011, she was known for her work in radio, theatre and TV shows. When the uprising began, she used her position as a celebrity to speak out against the Assad regime and cross sectarian divides.

Despite being from the same community as Bachar al-Assad, she always said that she does not belong to any religious group but to the Syrian people, and outlined the regime’s responsibility in dragging the revolution into sectarianism and militarization, by choosing a brutal military solution.

She was visible at protests calling for the downfall of the regime and shared a platform in Homs with football star turned revolutionary Abdelbasset Sarout. She also produced many video messages encouraging peaceful struggle against the regime.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, she stated “I just wanted to go just to say we Syrians are one people. I wanted to contradict the narrative of the regime and show people that there is no sectarianism in Syria. I wanted it to stop its lie that those who protest are armed groups, foreign agents or radical Islamists.”

Due to fear of arrest, she cut her hair short and moved from house to house to evade capture. She finally fled Syria in 2012 but remained active in causes related to the Syrian revolution. She died of cancer in exile in Paris in August 2017. She was 47 years old.

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