May Skaf

May Skaf was a Syrian actress, and a main voice of the Syrian Revolution

May Skaf was a Syrian actress, born in Damascus. She studied French literature at the University of Damascus. She was known for her acting talent during her university life, where she took part in numerous plays in the French Cultural Center. She had a distinguished career, and acted in many films, plays, and series. She also founded the Teatro Institute of Performing Arts in 2004.

Even before the Syrian Revolution, May Skaf was known for her opposition stances as she signed the “Damascus Declaration” in 2005 and then threatened to cut her tongue to make people see what was happening in Syria.

In 2011, with the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution, May Skaf participated in several demonstrations calling for the downfall of the Assad regime, and was briefly arrested the same year. She insisted that artists had an essential role in being the loud voice of the people, and called all other artists to participate in the revolutionary movement to avoid more bloodshed. She repeated several times that being able to represent the people was an honor she never imagined she would receive.

May Skaf was forced to leave Syria in 2013 in hiding as she was pursued by the regime. She went to France, where she settled until she passed away in 2018.

May Skaf aspired to establish a civil, democratic country in which the law would rule, and she kept this hope until the last day of her life. Two days before her death, she wrote on her Facebook page “I won’t lose hope… I won’t lose hope… It’s the great Syria, not Assad’s Syria.”

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