100 Faces of the Syrian Revolution

This is a page dedicated to archiving 100 faces of the Syrian Revolution.

100 faces, 100 stories, 1 cause. Meet 100 icons behind the Syrian Revolution. These men, women, and children built and propelled one of the greatest social movements in modern history.

The Syrian uprising sparked on March 15, 2011, and amidst the Arab Spring and in response to decades of oppression and repression, the Syrian people mobilized for the downfall of the Syrian dictatorship (in power since 1972), an end to political and economic corruption, and freedom for all its people.

This blog memorializes the history of 100 people who contributed to the honorable and eternal cause of the Syrian Revolution– and gives humble thanks to their work.

These are the people behind the numbers.

“The Revolution is an idea, and an idea does not die.”

.الثورة فكرة والفكرة لا تموت

Raed Fares
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